WA China Watch Digest

David BachmanInterview (Nov. 18, 2017):
David Bachman on President Trump’s visit to China, continuity and discontinuity of U.S. China policy: WCWD Special!
Steve HarrellInterview (Nov. 11, 2017):
Steve Harrell on China’s fast transformation of patriarchal families and society: WCWD Special!
The World of Extreme HappinessReview (Nov. 4, 2017):
Confusing and late: the play “The World of Extreme Happiness:” WCWD Special!
Cameron JohnsonInterview (Oct. 27, 2017):
Cameron Johnson on being Washingtonian-Shanghainese, managing British Sigmatex in China: WCWD Special!

This is China Watching for Washingtonians

You may know that Washington state has a special if not exceptional relationship with China, the People's Republic. But did you know what events that led to so through the years? Who are our veteran China hands that made this possible? Which of our organizations that are devoted to this relationship? How many pairs of sister cities that Washington has got with China? What big stories on Washington and China that are out there? And what insights on Washington and China that may not be out there?

Well, if you would like answers to those questions, this place is for you, especially if you are busy and would like to check on those things once in a while or from time to time.

At least, that's the attempt of this website, serving as a little "one-stop-shopping" of China-watching for Washingtonians, of the Evergreen State, not the other Washington, and friends and fans. Here you will find facts and images of major events in Washington state-China relations, who's who of our veteran China hands, which's which of our non-profits on China, which and when of Washington's Chinese sister cities, a round-up of recent headline stories on Washington and China from local, national and China's media, and an interview, a survey or a story on Washington and China from our China hands or watchers or practitioners and/or by this publication. And, of course, this website is and will always be a work in progress.

Enjoy your discovery! And check back for periodical updates!


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